High School Never Ends…

I love Bowling For Soup. They have a song for every situation you can think of. Funny or serious. They are one of my favorite bands! They can relate so much! You might know them by the Phineas and Ferb theme song!!! Yes… That was them! There is a hundred and four days of summer vacation… (I know you want to finish the song)

I actually got a chance to meet them!



As much as I love Bowling For Soup, this post isn’t exactly about them. It is about what happened to me today. I am going into my 2nd year of college and I am proud to say I survived the first year! This week has taken a bit of a toll on me but I am passing my classes so that is all that matters to me. I will take the stress and I will take my white hairs…


But what happened to me hasn’t happened in like what? Almost 2 years?

My friend and I carpool to school everyday. I finished much earlier than she did, so I decided to go to the student center to study for another final. While over there I realized that there was some sort of high school state choir trip. I am not exactly sure what it was. I was at a table alone and you can tell that even though these were all choir kids, they still had their own groups. This one boy asked if he could sit at my table. I had no problem with it, he wasn’t going to bug me. Or so I thought.

This boy didn’t have enough money to pay for a drink and I felt bad for him so I gave him enough coins for him to pay for a soda. After that he asks if I could watch his stuff. This boy didn’t come back for 30 minutes. Granted I would’ve been there anyways  but what if it was anyone else? If I had to leave, Should I have just left his stuff? What would I have done?

When the boy comes back he starts asking me questions about my major. I thought it was really weird figuring this kid doesn’t even know my name but I don’t want to be rude. This is exactly how the conversation played out… I kid you not….

Me: O I am majoring in Criminal Justice.

Him: What exactly do you want to do with that?

Me: I would like to become a detective but I am also looking into the criminology field.

Him: So what do you think your first job will be?

Me: Well that just depends on which way I choose to go. If I lean more with the detective field, I am going to have to become a police officer first.

Him: *Snicker* You realize physical training is involved right?

(I knew exactly what he was referring to and I knew where this conversation was heading)

Me: Yes I do know that.

Him: So what exactly have you been doing to train for your physical fitness? Or do you even train at all?

Me: Yes I have been doing—-

Him: Remote Control Exercises don’t count!


I stayed at that table for a good 5 minutes at the table (I didn’t want to show him that I was weak or upset). One of my other friends who likes to bike to the campus to come and see me had messaged me saying he was outside. I got up and left and as soon as I saw him, I broke down crying.

Maybe he wasn’t purposely trying to be mean. Maybe he was. But it hurt. A lot. I realize I am over weight. You don’t have to point it out or be mean about it. Since being home for the Summer, I have lost 15 pounds. I have been drinking nothing but water (okay I cheated this week with coffee) I have cut out fried food, I have cut down my portions, I workout everyday. And I am making progress and that comment he made, made me feel like all the progress doesn’t even matter.

I am not as strong as I show to be. Physically yeah. I can tough out a lot of things… I can take some derby and paintball wounds (let me tell you). but Emotionally? Not at all. You mention my weight and I break down. I am not perfect y’all! I am a plus size girl who can get very insecure at times.

The lesson here? This Will push me harder! This will motivate me to try harder. And to be the very best that I can be!

Ugh High school never ends does it?


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